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Theoretically, this sounds like a fun
thing to believe. If the 'nitric oxide works for
muscle building' crowd is right, what could be
more enjoyable for a hard working bodybuilder
than achieving a bigger pump in the gym while
obtaining better recuperation outside the gym?
Sounds like just what the doctor ordered for the
purely emotional side of my psychological
makeup.Everyone, male or female, cannot deny
that having a tight and toned mid-section is
something they would like. Getting six pack abs
may seem impossible to most, but everyone can
get six pack abs with some hard work and
dedication. It is commonly mistaken that only
men can get a six pack, but that is not true. As
you will see, anyone can get a six pack.

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Whenever I start to feel the slightest
bit sick, especially in the way of a head cold
or respiratory infection related, I drink this
and it almost always goes away.Periodically, I
will just decide that I want to lose weight. The
circumstances vary, and sometimes it is because
I have put on a couple of extra pounds during
the holidays or perhaps I am trying to get in
shape to run a 10K. Whatever the case may be,
there are some things I do whenever I want to
lose weight that have always been of great
assistance to me, and I would recommend them to
anyone who is looking to drop a few extra

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The idea behind meal
replacements is that you don't really eat at all
for a good part of the day - instead, you have a
special shake or other product that gives you
all the nutrients you need, and stops you from
feeling hungry. This works in two ways: first,
it controls the calories you take in, because
the meal replacements are quite low calorie. />

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Risk Modification There are
many habits that we can develop over the years
that increase your risk factors. Smoking
inactivity and obesity stem from habits that
will need to be broken.
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Whether you're a mother with a family,
single with a hectic social life or an executive
who travels a lot, being continually short of
time seems to apply to all of us. Lack of time
is used as an excuse for avoiding just about
anything we don't want to do, but particularly
for not doing things which we know are good for
us!In actual fact eating healthily is not
necessarily more time consuming. The key to
success is forward planning. We're not talking
about planning an a la carte menu, rather a
rough plan of lunches and dinners for the week.

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The active ingredient in cayenne is
capsaicin, which, without a doubt does speed up
your metabolism. The big question is how much
and at what cost? These are the primary
questions, which directed my research,
especially if too much cayenne can be damaging
to the body.The good news is that there is a
positive correlation between capsaicin and both
satiety and increased metabolism. The bad news
is that rats that were fed cayenne demonstrated
subsequent liver damage.To put this into context
I quote from the conclusion of one researcher,"
Capsaicin has been shown to be effective, yet
when it is used clinically it requires a strong
compliance to a certain dosage, that has not
been shown to be feasible yet." This was the
conclusion of a study of cayenne's ability to
increase the metabolism.I found the website of a
doctor, who I will keep anonymous, who brazenly
promoted an alternative as a way around this
dilemma. Capsinoids are a non-pungent
capsaicin-related substance.

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Fat Decimator System
So if you could find a solution that
not only meets your requirement for losing
weight within a reasonable period of time but
also can turn make you into an efficient,
fat-burning machine, would you take it The key
lies in altering your /> https://healthreviewfactory.com/fat-decimator-system-review/ />

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Take note of such restaurants. They
deserve your patronage and your body deserves
the care.
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My Shed

Like one of those huge barrels that
they used to keep booze in. I rolled that big
thing into class, cleaned and sanded it up, made
some cuts and additions, and made a laundry
hamper chair out of it. The seat pulled up and
you could keep laundry in it, and with the seat
down it was a chair. Not only did I get an "A"
on the project, I got something unique and nice
that I have used for years in my home. This is a
great example of something that would sell well
on eBay. Something unique and different that you
won't find in the stores.

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Breads &

Eat only what you need to eat and
don't simply eat because the food is there.
Eating a small meal at home before you go to a
holiday party can help too.
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My Shed Plans
These are really all the basic
woodturning tools you need, although there are
other optional tools available for this craft.
Once you get the basics down, and realize what
you need to improve, then add onto your
collection of.
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My Payday

Third, you need to set your home based
affiliate business apart from other competitors.
You need to establish what makes you and what
you offer better than others. What do you offer
that sets you apart from other home based
affiliate businesses? One of the most
significant to sell more affiliate products is
to be outstanding among your competitors. It is
absolutely possible for affiliate marketing
entrepreneurs to promote the same products in
the same market. My experiences show that there
are many affiliate marketing ideas to be
outstanding, such as offering high quality
services, provide superb customer support
between your customers and merchant, and work
closely with merchants.

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Eagle Eye


Fortunately those hopeless and
helpless times are gone. Advancements in
medicine and technology have made it possible to
cure a wide range of optical problems and in
creating prosthetic eyes. Ocular prosthesis will
prove beneficial in many ways especially for

2019-05-18 13:39:54

Vision Rx

So get out you fishing gear and your
garden tools as they will help you get what you
are going to need. Your fruits, your vegetables
and your fatty fish may prevent this from
happening. While your aging is the most likely
culprit behind your cataracts, heredity also
plays a role. Black people have a higher risk of
this disease that white people. Other problems
may be some of your medications and other eye
conditions or a life time of sun exposure just
may cause cataracts. And please let us not
forget the eye problems caused by your smoking
and poor nutrition.

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Organic Fungus Nuker
Fifth, and last, make sure that you
have a constant companion in the form of a foot
cream. This product helps you get rid of budding
dry feet problems. It can also help even when
the evidence of dryness and cracks are not
visible yet.
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Erase My
Back Pain


Lower back pain causes calf
muscle pain and tightness and the calf muscles
play a huge role in the development and
maintenance of lower back pain.These calf
muscles (gastrocnemius and soleus) are usually
tight in most people especially in women wearing
shoes with high heels. Calf muscle cramps are
extremely painful and often awaken people during
sleep. These cramps are a warning that there is
nerve related muscle problems stemming from
spinal nerve root involvement in the lower back.
This is usually the case if you have calf muscle
tightness and frequent night cramps even if you
have no complaints of lower back pain or lower
limb pain.There are three calf muscles, two of
them are called the gastrocnemius muscles (inner
and outer muscles known respectively as medial
and lateral) and the third is called the soleus

2019-05-18 11:26:50


The Stop Snoring And Sleep
I would go see and check with a doctor first to
see if a mouthpiece will help your snoring. If
you don't consult a doctor then you will be
disappointed if it doesn't work.

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For many decades now slot games have
been very popular in casinos. This is because
slots do not only provide a better means of
recreation to the players but it can also allow
them to go home with loads of money after
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No More

If you change your diet and the amount
of food you eat at meals you may be able to
control this disease and be able to be symptom
free without taking medication or

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But the world had also begun to
deny the transcendence of God. He was no longer
omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent. The
world had "woken up," and much like they had
done at the Tower of Babel, people favored their
own abilities, and thumbed their noses at the
idea of succumbing to an all knowing, all
powerful God. Science and technology had taught
us that we are only a small speck in the
universe, and made up of even smaller specks.
Personally, I think that we, as humans, had a
problem with that. Call it an inferiority
complex, little man complex, whatever.

2019-05-18 09:32:37

The Venus
Factor 2

Are you looking for a weight loss fat
burner formula Wondering which is the best You
should consider using only natural means so as
to avoid unnecessary side effects. In fact there
are many simple easy to get everyday eating
foods that you can eat to shed off that unwanted
fat out of your body fast!

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8 to 10 eight ounce glasses of water a
day are important for flushing out the system
and getting rid of bloating that the body may be
holding onto when it is hot. Bloating makes your
stomach look bigger than it should be so
remaining properly hydrated is a great way to
eliminate this issue.As mentioned in 1. above,
certain fish such as salmon, tuna, mackerel,
etc, contain good fats that will help you blast
away your belly. They contain omega 3 and omega
9 fatty acids that are necessary for the health
of the body and also help with weight loss. The
best weight loss diets contain fish especially
salmon which contains these fatty acids in
larger amounts than other types of fish.Fiber is
probably one of the most important features of
the best weight loss diets. Fiber makes the body
work harder when compared to processed foods do
not contain healthful fiber. By working harder
due to fiber, your metabolism is increased which
will help you burn more calories and fat. />

2019-05-17 11:57:52

The Red
Tea Detox

It was eaten only once in lunch and the
amount was restricted to just half a bowl. After
awhile you will notice your weight readings

/> https://healthscrutiny.com/the-red-tea-detox-review/

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Royal Numerology
"Everyone who is seriously involved in the
pursuit of science becomes convinced that a
Spirit is manifest in the laws of the universe,
a Spirit vastly superior to that of man and one
in the face of which humble."
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Not giving your body enough nutrients
will also weaken the immune system and make you
fall sick easily. Although many people want to
lose weight because they want to look better but
we have to understand that our health is equally

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The Backpack Electricity System
Solar furnaces are another great way to
use the power from the sun. A series of mirrors
funnels the heat from the sun to the furnace
into a fine point. The amount of energy produced
is very high in temperature and it can be used
to make /> https://godsownreview.com/the-backpack-electricity-system-review/

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Breathing exercises and
self-hypnotic/meditation have also worked
wonders for those that suffer from insomnia. Try
Dr. Andrew Weil's relaxing breath exercise: />
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Text Chemistry
Men will automatically hover around a
woman who is friendly and open as opposed to a
woman who is cold, stand offish, proud and
unapproachable. Make sure you have winning ways
that will make him long to be your friend. /> /> https://healthreviewfactory.com/text-chemistry-review/

2019-05-17 08:24:50

From Zero

The affiliate marketing business
paradigm has been the model of the SaleHoo
business organization. Its only distinction with
wholesale dropshipping is that the items you
retail are the material goods for your wholesale
business which are available in different
varieties like clothes, bags, shoes, electronic
stuff and other consumer goods and not the
advertisements and services.

2019-05-17 07:58:59


If you're comfortable with the idea
hold your breath for a second or two maybe
longer with practice. If not don't worry about
this step.

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Unlock Your Hip Flexors
After a few weeks of this and much
mocking from my nearest and dearest (mental
note: there will be no further sharing details
of my life with anybody who has any power of
influence over me.
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If you are craving some chocolate, dip
your own chocolate strawberries instead of
having a slice of chocolate cake.Going to the
movies is nice, but there are many fun date
ideas that can keep you moving. Simply getting
out for a walk in the park is far better than
just being couch potatoes, but if you really
want to challenge yourselves, there are many way
to do so. Explore a new part of town on a long
bike ride, take a weekend trip to a place with
some good hiking spots, or take a fitness class
together, like spinning or Pilates. Keeping
active together will be a blast, and you will
definitely like how it keeps the two of you

2019-05-16 14:24:21

Fave Food

Also known as Sida Cordifolia or Bala
scientifically Country Mallow is mainly found in
the Southern Indian plains. It is an Ayurvedic
herb known for its medicinal properties to
reduce belly fat.

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2019-05-16 13:12:31


Manifestation Magic
And for each of these valuable portents
we entreat the wisdom of God as being wholly
faithful - always devouring the worst of our
fears such that we might be truly free to live
and really come to
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2019-05-16 13:04:26


Like with anything else, learning to
play the electric guitar is challenging. It is
also a lot of fun. There are many benefits that
come with playing an instrument from better
memory, improved ability to learn, a higher IQ,
and greater deductive reasoning. It can also be
extremely relaxing, soothing, and entertaining.
For the electric guitar, getting started
requires more than just an instrument, and the
quality of the guitars can vary dramatically.

2019-05-16 12:27:33


Eat a high-protein diet: The sole
purpose of eating a protein-rich diet is to burn
calories and help with slimming. Here is how it
works: protein produces lean muscles and since
lean muscles require extra energy to maintain
themselves your body burns fat in order to
produce this extra energy.

2019-05-16 12:10:10


Erase My Back Pain
Collinsonia: Especially good for
pregnant women with piles and an itchy anus -
otherwise known as pruritis. The sensation of
sticks is felt in the rectum, and the usual
/> https://healthscrutiny.com/erase-my-back-pain-review/

2019-05-16 11:50:19


The Favorite Food Diet
Instead of starting your own exercise
in the most unorganized way, you can consult
your physician to find out the best suitable
exercise at home. You can also have a trainer if
you want to practice exercise vigorously. /> /> https://godsownreview.com/the-favorite-food-diet-review/

2019-05-16 10:12:07


At some point you might need to
specifically take care of only people that are
within your marketplace simply because which is
your business audience. So just concentrate on
becoming optimistic and dealing with those that
are of like thoughts.
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2019-05-16 10:06:11


There are many different areas around
your home that you need to focus on. Primarily,
look at access doors to attics and the attic
spaces themselves. Look for ducts around the
home to see whether they are efficient or not.
You want to ensure that your walls have a
necessary amount of insulation within and that
you have insulation under floor especially if
there is a basement beneath.

2019-05-16 09:51:37


Millions of Americans and British
people complain of heel pain which is usually
caused by plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis
is a condition in which the plantar fascia
(muscle that runs from your heel to the toes)
becomes inflamed. This condition can be very
painful and cause considerable amount of

2019-05-16 08:59:21

My Back
Pain Coac

Patients with edema and with venous leg
ulcers have been characterized according to the
international clinical CEAP-classification of
chronic venous insufficiency (CVI).Patients with
CVI or lymphedema may require bed rest for 2 to
7 days to reduce edema (swelling) as much as

2019-05-16 07:45:09

No More


The rectum has various tiny
veins surrounding it and when subjected to
consistent stress it gets inflamed. In this
article we will take a look at some of the
hemorrhoid prevention habits that you must
implement to avoid developing hemorrhoids.With
some careful lifestyle adjustments and
alterations you can reduce the risk of a
symptoms and hemorrhoid pain.

2019-05-16 07:37:40


Overnight Milliona
To sum up, the 3 secrets of success to
becoming a 'Plan A' person in your life are:
Have a plan; Stick to the plan; Don't change the
plan. Become a Plan A person - starting now! /> /> https://healthinfluencer.net/overnight-millionaire-system-review/

2019-05-16 07:29:18

The Big

Diabetes is a serious condition that
causes heart disease stroke amputations kidney
failure and blindness and more deaths than
breast and prostate cancer combined.Eight out of
ten people are overweight or obese at the time
they are diagnosed with diabetes.

2019-05-15 13:27:29


Have you ever considered quitting your
job to be free to serve God full-time The truth
is you can serve and glorify God no matter where
you are. You do not have to go to seminary, or
join a church staff to fully serve the Lord. /> /> https://healthinfluencer.net/numerologist-reviews/

2019-05-15 11:53:14


Have you recently had a health physical
and have discovered that you have high LDL
cholesterol? As many people know, LDL is the
"bad" cholesterol that is significantly
associated with heart disease. While there are
many medications on the market that doctors
often recommend to patients who want to lower
their LDL, there are also natural alternatives
that have been shown to lower LDL as well. One
alternative that is proving to lower high LDL is
the disease-fighting elements of flaxseed. />

2019-05-15 11:49:35


What does success look like Success is
beautiful rich enticing and simply marvelous.
But behind that wonderful place is a long road
of trial and error disbelief and disappointment
some failures. There are bumps and valleys in
every triumph. You learn through the experiences
you change you grow you succeed.

2019-05-15 09:39:04


Sweat it out. Everybody says that the
number one tip to lose your tummy fat is to go
for an exercise. This is basically true.
Remember that the fat stored in your body are
excess fats and that when you do sweat it all
out you will forever remain pot-bellied. You can
either do jogging brisk walking swimming or
dancing. Any type of exercise goes as long as
you produce sweat.

2019-05-15 08:16:07


In looking for the best used piano
deals, one should begin by scouting for the most
reliable providers of used Steinway pianos and
secondhand Yamaha keyboards. These suppliers can
surely offer nothing but instruments that are in
perfect working condition and that are available
at reasonable costs. Although they are already
credible sellers, buyers are still advised to
personally try and play the pianos they want to
buy.To inspect a used Yamaha piano or used
Steinway keyboard, try to press all the keys to
test whether they still work. Afterwards play
some easy notes and then a full chorus. You can
tell by touch and tone whether a unit is still
in excellent working condition or needs to be
repaired and updated. Watch out for resistance
of the keys to the fingers, as well as
difficulty in getting the keys to make a sound.

2019-05-15 08:15:06


Fat Burning Kitchen Review
Don't let your everyday life be an
excuse to not keeping up with your diet. Don't
blame it on your job, your kids, or your mother.
It's all on you! I'm not trying to imply that
managing stress and acquiring breaking automatic
behaviors is simple - it's not. But if you want
to keep yourself from failing your diet - I
suggest you consider this seriously. There is
something else you have to consider - you have
to realize that your diet is not a bad, evil
monster that tries to ruin your life.

2019-05-15 08:06:09


Vertical Jump Training
Nitro boats utilize Nitro-Methane fuel
which is very powerful and makes for a fast
boat, but the main problems with Nitro powered
radio controlled boats are that the are a little
more complicated to run as you will need to use
a special starter kit to get them going and the
fuel is about 4 times the price of a gas boat.

Gas radio controlled boats run on
regular car gas with oil combined in the fuel.
Also known as 2 stoke fuel. These engines are
larger than the other types and therefore need a
larger hulled boat to accommodate the engine.
With the larger hull comes some advantages such
as a more stable and easier to handle craft and
mixed with the cheaper fuel, makes the gas RC
boat (in my opinion) the best of the three types
of radio controlled boat.

2019-05-14 11:46:28


Combine them with words as great easy
timesaving quick simple mindblowing new or
newest and you just might wind up with a title
that you will love and your audience will
benefit from.

/> https://healthinfluencer.net/sqribble-review/

2019-05-14 10:19:16


десу ъвебд

2019-05-12 14:44:06


My Shed Plans
Although there are a lot of good books
that you can buy about the woodworking craft,
there is one good way that is much less
expensive and get the most accessible quality
project plans at any time. /> https://supplementdiary.com/my-shed-plans-review/ />

2019-05-11 08:27:19


So whether it's eating sweets all by
themselves, or having a dessert after dinner,
once your blood sugar levels spike, you body
shifts into fat storage mode moving the food you
are digesting into fat. /> https://supplementdevotee.com/curafen-review/ />

2019-05-11 07:13:28


BioLeptin Review
On top of this, individuals who forgo a
meal are experience raging cravings for empty
calories and unhealthy snacks.While these
warnings are prevalent in almost any health
magazines, many weight-conscious individuals
hold back when it comes to eating regularly. /> https://supplementdevotee.com/bioleptin-reviews/ />

2019-05-10 13:54:44


Last but certainly one of he most
important things we must do is to establish a
regular routine of physical activity. Physical
activities such as walking, aerobics, swimming,
and strength training are but of a few that we
can use to burn excess calories. All of the
little things we do on a daily basis also burn
excess calories. Keep this in mind and you will
be able to think of things you can do
differently to improve your caloric balance. /> https://binarytradingfactory.com/panalean-review/ />

2019-05-10 12:11:31


Hemorrhoid No More
aging, obesity and the frequent use of
enemas or suppositories can also be significant
factors. Hemorrhoids (or 'piles' as they are
sometimes called) may be so insignificant that
you will hardly notice that there is a problem
or they may be so severe that the pain is
excruciating and, in the more extreme cases, you
may experience bleeding. /> https://losconcepto.com/hemorrhoid-no-more-review/ />

2019-05-09 12:31:28


Shred Secrets
With these tips in mind, you are now
ready to begin living a healthier lifestyle. Be
patient because losing weight in a healthy way
takes time. Just keep moving, and continue to
push toward your goals. If you stick to your
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Once the medical team has
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agents along with supporting healthy blood sugar
and cardiovasculature function. has three
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In addition to daily massage therapy,
you may also want to try different kinds of
relaxation training, meditation, and music
therapy. The goal is to help your child feel
calm and relaxed to reduce the amount of anxiety
they are experiencing. While each of these
treatments has been known to be helpful for
symptom management, they have not necessarily
been proven to solve the underlying disorder.
Natural ADHD Remedy Options - Herbs and
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Simplicity shall always hold priority
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As we age, we begin to lose firmness
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Of particular interest to this
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characterised by behaviors such as rapid speech
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Put up a photo of yourself in your underwear by
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Chemical and brain
dysfunction. Seretonin, the chemical messenger,
allows nerve cells to communicate and is
involved with such brain processes as mood and
aggression.Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders--also
known as OCD, is classified as a mental illness
that has, at its core, obsessive behavior that
is followed by ritualistic behaviors. Millions
of Americans suffer from this illness but the
behavior can be stopped by self-hypnosis,
medications or psychological interventions
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The best activities for your brain will
get more and more challenging. You need to
challenge your brain to make changes. The
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surprising, it will make a huge impact. The game
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wasn't a bad question, but I could see
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with 30 lb dumbells? The reason I asked him that
question was the same reason he asked me. The
point of all of this is that I wanted to hear
his rationale which ended up being that he just
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Up to 90% of the energy used to run an
LED bulb is converted into light, whilst old
bulbs only convert around 20% of the energy they
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This not only means that LED bulbs are more
efficient, it also means they're safer. LED
lights don't get hot there's no danger of them
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2019-01-08 23:13:23


доаоп длй иеб башх
айп гбшйн ламе

2019-01-08 18:18:09

те"г гег

шп чешйс оаоп дирйс щмй!!!
фщеи айп тмйе.оаоп ирйс бзсг тмйеп. очцетп
аойъй... айп гбшйн ламд...едлм тн доеп цзеч,
деоеш еадбд....шп, ъчбт мй тег щйтеш....

2010-09-05 22:03:06


long time no see
оъй дайоеп дба ?

2010-05-01 16:43:16

грй бйамш

афщш мшлещ озби бобцт ??
шп дйчш щмен, арй щоз щдшбд арщйн
обшлйн аеък лап ердрйн ммоег ацмк ирйс !! аъд
баоъ оъчгн бъзен ебтъйг дчшеб арй оаойп щлм
драош баоъ йдйд рлеп !! бдцмзд бзреъ дирйс етн
дофтйм дзгщ ой щжд ма йдйд...

2010-03-16 14:26:20


айп од мтщеъ
деа баоъ доаоп длй ъеъз башх...айжд аршвйеъ айжд

2010-03-02 14:44:59


олъб дърцмеъ б-3 теъчйн
бшцерй мдърцм бфрй шп чешйс оаоп дирйс щмй (my
tennis coach) тм лк щдййъ ма рзогд-магн
лм лк рзог ещма дфроъй аъ ддмйк дзйрелй щтбшъй
ъек айоерй дирйс щшп оиойт бзрйлйе длемм: зъйшд
мрцзеп, адбд мжемъ, лбег дагн езйшеъе, едшбд
цзечйн егбшйн иебйн

2010-03-02 14:40:55


омк довшщ
шп оаоп ъеъз!!!

2010-02-08 22:08:44


айоеп бщмйщй
ой щорцз аесу аъ длгешйн

2010-02-06 09:53:55

вймй бйоп

айп тм чешйс
вазма щйтеш, азма брагн.

2010-02-03 11:22:11


даошйччйъ щм дщйтеш
мшп дшбд айлейеъ дргшщеъ ацм лм оешд
мирйс,деа оъочг блщшеп дайщй щм лм щзчп бщйтеш.
оешд цшйк мгтъ айк мъчъч аеейшд збшеъйъ елйфйъ,
ешп тещд аъ жд лм фтн озгщ. айп сфч щдеа оешд
дочцетй бйеъш бъ,а- лгай оаег ммоег шч ацм шп
чешйс! вн темйн згщйн

2010-01-31 15:25:24

дбзешд тм

бсеу тщйъй жаъ!!
длм афщш мдвйг тм чешйс: зъйк дешс, оцзйч,
йфйеу, щреп едлм йдйд щчш азг вгем, абм оешд
отемд, аъ жд ай афщш мчзъ ооре.(-:

2010-01-30 20:45:39


доешд дзрав абм ъеъз
арй езбшй оъаорйн зегщ ердрйн мщзч
ебчшеб ррцз аъ шп дзрав емсйлен шп деа
огшйк ирйс ъ е ъ з

2010-01-28 20:46:06

щмй дшоп

аорн чцъ байзеш....
чешйс, чешйс....
щйдйд дшбд бдцмзд!! /> аъд ъеъз тм...!!!
айп айп доаоп длй
иеб бтемн... бжлеък арй лбш лоти щшфебд...!! />

2010-01-28 00:38:54


азмд оаоп, щреъп аъ дрщод

2010-01-27 13:53:34


аъд вгем...
чешйс двгем....абм тг щарй ма желд биешрйш
ъм абйб дбйрмаеой двад дшащеп аъд ма трч, шч
вгем :)

2010-01-25 20:43:43

йдб амзрп

догшйк щмй ейеъш...
мчешйс долерд "щац'й" двгем.
аъд огшйк
осфш 1 ема шч бжлеъ дрсйеп дочцетреъ едйлемеъ
ама бтйчш бжлеъ дйлемъ щмк мдфек лм щйтеш мбймей
щм оощ.ооъйп мщйтеш дба....

2010-01-25 15:42:21


аойве...йщ обцт , ощде ма йаеоп !
" I am not a doctor who is a clown. I am a clown
who is a doctor." - Patch Adams....a very good
doctor he is
The same I can say about Ran
, just instead of using a stethoscope , he uses
a tennisraquet :) 

2010-01-24 19:52:53

вйа рйш

чешйс аъд раобш ееап. шч арй обйп аеък

2010-01-24 19:27:05


чешйс дъеъз
бшлеъйй маъш догдйн ебдцмзд бзреъ , ъощйк мдйеъ
оаоп ос' 1 ....ъегд тм щйтешйн ошъчйн еобгшйн
ййщш лз .... омк !

2010-01-24 16:50:47


йен шащеп
айп лое мфъез аъ дщбет тн айоеп ирйс бйзег щдеа
лм джоп офсйг,ещма цшйк масеу лгешйн

2010-01-24 14:48:26


сзъййп тм даъш.. зсшд мй шч ъоерд щм фемгй
бщйтеш фешдрг..

2010-01-24 10:09:49

йеаб цфйш

чешйс дъеъз!!!
айжд аъш, сеу дгшк!!!
мджореъ ара фре
мшзеб дчйщеп
оаоп осфш азг!!!

2010-01-24 09:00:31


аъш огдйн!
чешйс, аъш огдйн!
йфд оаг ейжеамйъ рз
щйдйд бдцмзд!!

2010-01-23 22:16:49


ъощйк бтбегд диебд щаъд тещд!!
аеък бцфеп!!

2010-01-23 20:43:40

тм тчбйн

моаоп ос' 1 башх!!!
оаооооещ... бшлеъйй тм даъш, аъд очцетп аойъй!!
оцзйч бийшеу елм щйтеш айък деа зеейд...

2010-01-23 20:17:09


чешйс жд длй азеъй
мшщен ъвебд жд рзщб сфеши? оъй щйтеш?

2010-01-23 19:36:18

дазййп щм
фшж тойъ

арй цшйк щйтеш бфешдрг диййсъ ощвтъ аеъй !! цеш
чщш.. дъчцйб щм 100 щ"з.

2010-01-23 18:01:21


щйтеш иййс
дбчдрг щмй цетч "дцйме" !!!! оъзрръ мщйтеш...щмк

2010-01-23 17:57:24


моешре дадеб едртшх щбоешй ирйс
тлщйе щаъд смб еле' ойеъш меош щаре овйтйн
мщйтешйн бщбйм дачсишеъ ( ан аъд обйп од
могшйк ирйс ойеоп, очцетй
е.... рад лоек
йщ беегай амфй отшйцйн
еотшйцеъ млп рсъфч ераош ожм иеб мшвм фъйзъ
аедбйн аеък

2010-01-23 17:53:25

абйб ощд

ъмойг оциййп
айп сфч щчешйс деа айщйеъ ойезгъ ,оаоп тм
,збш иеб еайщ щлеме мб ждб ,ъесйфе аъ дтебгд
щацме ма аесфйн лгешйн бсеу дайоеп ,чйбмън щйтеш
ирйс оещмн

2010-01-23 17:11:24

мйжд 3.0

шп чешйс
оаоп осфш 1.
ожм иеб тм даъш дзгщ

2010-01-23 16:40:10


чешйс домк
оаопргйш еайщ огдйн!
брйвег мод щшщое, /> ма дййъй олйш ме аъ азеъй :))
/> ъегд чешйс, айп тмййк! /> Zodiac

2010-01-23 16:33:47


айп тмййк
озлд лм дщбет мйен щбъ, аеорн цйфйъй щазшй 6
щйтешйн арй адйд бгшлй м Australian Open абм
арй аоъйп мщйтеш дщбйтй. фщеи ътрев!!!

2010-01-23 16:28:40


озби осфш азъ!!!!оаоп осфш азг!!!
щеййп щай афщш ммбещ зцайеъ бзешу.. абм змас тн
двщойн бтшб.. шецйн мщзч.
рщод айп тмййк
оаоп осфш азъ. аъш ос' 1

2010-01-23 16:11:23


айп тмййк чешйс!

2010-01-23 16:06:23


чешйс... чешйс... че че че... чешй

2010-01-23 13:26:21

зп брйойп

оаоп амйфеъ
ъегд шп!
лм од щарй йегт бирйс жд
дйд ътрев мдъаоп ацмк
:) зп

2010-01-23 13:25:56

асй чешйс

азй дчип
ожм иеб тм даъш дзгщ
гбш айъй
лщаъд шецд щарй йтщд мк щйтеш

2010-01-23 13:24:49


фщеи лйу
лйу мдъаоп ацм оаоп щйегт мдецйа оок аъ дойиб
вн обзйръ дирйс евн обзйръ длещш двефрй дрмеед.
лм айоеп зеейд

2010-01-22 00:38:50


аъш амйфеъ моаоп щм амефйн
злд щарй авгм
арй ачшт аеък...

2010-01-22 00:38:32


йезжше ощзчй дфмащ ма(м)ъш !
чешйс вбш рад щлоек, ъъзгщ тм даъш. очеед
мзжеш мдъаоп айък лщъъзжч мй дйг. еъвйг мотцб
дотцбп щафщш блйу мдзжйш аъ тоег ощзчй
дфмащ маъш. дйе азмд ощзчйн.

2010-01-22 00:37:12


very good and profesianl

2010-01-22 00:33:17

а.л- аесу

оаоп йчш бшлеъ тм даъш
дощк бгшлк диебд
едйфд байоерйн еблм дгавд дайщйъ мсфешиайн
щъзъ лрфк. а.л аешй лдп

2010-01-22 00:33:08


шп йа ъеъз
доаоп длй иеб щйщ!
ой щшецд ммоег ирйс
шч ацме!!

2010-01-22 00:32:34

стш мб

айп тег азг лжд
шп деа ма шч оаоп ирйс оелщш (еарй олйш
деа вн вбш вбш.
ан дйъд мй
азеъ шеечд дййъй ощгк мд аеъе.

2010-01-22 00:32:19


ъфес блм двеу
аъд ъеъз

2010-01-22 00:32:07


ддегтд очегн дйъд щм ойшб

2010-01-22 00:31:57


азмд огшйк!!!!
озлеъ бчецш шез мщйтеш бйен щйщй, ръшад азшй

2010-01-22 00:31:44

ащъе щм

вн арй чрйъй зцайъ
ащъе щм ашж

2010-01-22 00:31:29

ащъе щм

чрйъй зцайъ

2010-01-22 00:31:16

им черйа

мод айп ъоерд щмй?

2010-01-22 00:31:06


аоа щм мйаъ
аъд агйш ъеъз тм-------айп оймйн майщйеъ-

2010-01-22 00:30:55

чшп лдп

My Tennis Couch
бъеш ойщдй щма йгтд мщзч блмм, дтгеъ длй иебд
щшп деа оаоп отемд, дйа дщйфеш щошвйщйн ощйтеш
мщйтеш. оеомх бзен ак шцей мдциййг дйиб лрвг
дзещ деош дщефт ! :-) чешйс- доеп бдцмзд,
ъъзгщ тм даъш ътрев ммоег айък ! ръшад дйен
тм довшщ.

2010-01-22 00:30:45

стш цфшйш

осфш 1
азшй лм айоеп арй озлд майоеп дба очцетй лйфй
айп тмйк шп!!!!!

2010-01-22 00:30:31

ъеош щй

д-оаоп, еблм дъзеойн!!
вн чеаех евн чеаец'ш баеъе айоеп. азг доелщшйн
щфвщъй! лм айоеп - ътрев

2010-01-22 00:30:11


айп тм чешйс дъеъз!!!!
лм щйтеш аъе жд айоеп ирйс еоефт сирг аф, all in
one :-)фщеи ътрев!

2010-01-22 00:29:58

им фегйн

чешйс домк
айп оаорйн ламд, длй очцетй щйщ евн иафс

2010-01-20 17:36:20


оаоп одон
азмд аъш чешйс!!!бдцмзд бзреъ ,тм довшщ
еблмм..айп лоек!!

2010-01-20 15:01:40

айъп агш

ос 1
дайщ едавгд чешйс доаоп ос 1 арй оомйх млм ой
щшецд мдлрс мирйс мтбеш гшле .....ой щма тебш
гшк чешйс жд лое мрдев бмй шщйеп

2010-01-20 15:00:16

шфй твйб

дййъй аеош мк щаъд иеб
абм аъд йеъш оиеб, аъд отемд, аъд ъеъз, дгшк
щбд аъд отбйш щйтеш фщеи оефмад бтйрй, ома
деоеш ак ан жаъ чщез, фйеий ак чцш емтрййп...,
од жд дзашид джд, ма йлемъ мдшйн аъш лое щцшйк?
ъщъфш еодш йа аелм брреъ, земд оцмоеъ ечешбп
смбс щлоек.
оъ тм

2010-01-20 13:53:42

гш лх

айфд дъйч щм вечебйх

2010-01-20 13:49:58

гш ретн

азг доаорйн диебйн башх
очцетй еаойп оомйх бзен

2010-01-20 13:48:34


фшрсд, дцмзд...
ооещ бдцмзд тм даъш, щйшбе оъаорйн чирйн евгемйн
лазг, абм йщ алжбд оцг дчбецд, айфд дъоереъ щмре
??? ирсайеъ оецмзеъ щлоере :-).

2010-01-20 13:48:29

оемй фри

чешйс дбаъ аъш фццд
бдцмзд рвгй бйен

2010-01-20 13:39:19

абйб мдб

"щбеш швм" ам ъщбеш швмййн
бдцмзд шбд, аъш рфма, оаоп огмйч

2010-01-11 21:42:14


рфвщ бщмйщй тм довшщ

2010-01-11 17:19:12

* бшелйн дбайн

* аъш згщ мшп чешйс

* осфш гфйн баъш тгййп ъзъ брййд - йсегш бчшеб

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